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Filter - Supercars Brands
Rolls-Royce Motor Cars presents four magnificent ‘Year of the Dragon’ Bespoke commissions
Designed and hand-crafted at the Home of Rolls-Royce at Goodwood, these Bespoke creations–three Phantom Extended models and one Cullinan–are a celebration of Chinese culture through Bespoke artistry.
Exploring the frontier of luxury and off-road prowess with the Mansory Gronos 6×6
Based on the already formidable Mercedes G-class (W463A), this vehicle undergoes a complete transformation to emerge as a limited-edition marvel, with only 10 units available.
W16 Mistral: The art of bringing Bugatti’s ultimate roadster to life
The W16 Mistral stands as a modern interpretation of Bugatti’s rich roadster heritage, continuing the legacy of revered models with an innovative approach.
Heritage Customs reinvents the Defender 90 Convertible
The Sunbeam Yellow Valiance Convertible from Heritage Customs marries rugged luxury with dynamic style, reimagining the iconic Land Rover Defender 90 into a bespoke, coach-built masterpiece.
Novitec’s unveils a refined take on the Ferrari 296 GTB
Novitec elevates the Ferrari 296 GTB, enhancing its performance with a robust 856 horsepower, while adding visual flair with bespoke design elements.
Introducing the Refined Marques’ Mercedes-AMG G63 Cabriolet
The Mercedes-AMG G63 Cabriolet by Refined Marques, limited to just 20 units worldwide and priced at $1.3 million, is a bold reimagining of the iconic G63.
RUF unleashes automotive artistry with the SCR Supercar in America
This bespoke supercar, blends classic Porsche-inspired lines with state-of-the-art technology, showcases a carbon-fibre monocoque chassis and a powerful naturally aspirated engine.
The Novitec Esteso brings a new era of SUV dominance
This widebody masterpiece, with its formidable 782 hp engine and cutting-edge aerodynamics, redefines luxury SUVs, merging NOVITEC's iconic style with Lamborghini's racing heritage.
Merging art and engineering in Bugatti’s Chiron Super Sport
Bugatti's Customer Service team transforms a Chiron Super Sport into a bespoke masterpiece, exemplifying the brand's commitment to realizing clients' creative visions.
The electric evolution of the Porsche 911 by Everrati
This modern classic combines the traditional Porsche ethos with advanced electric technology, offering a blend of performance and environmental consciousness.
McLaren GTS unveils a new benchmark in supercar luxury
Redefining the supercar experience, the GTS combines agile handling with a distinctive design, making it the ultimate choice for discerning drivers.
One-off Lamborghini Revuelto ‘Opera Unica’ makes its debut
This handcrafted piece of art highlights the endless possibilities of Lamborghini's customization.
Moment Motor Company reimagines the Mercedes 280 SL Roadster with electric innovation
Moment Motor Company, an Austin-based specialist, reinvents classic cars with electric makeovers, notably transforming the iconic Mercedes 280 SL Roadster.
Porsche Panamera Turbo Sonderwunsch debuts in Shanghai
This model, crafted by Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur, highlights extensive customization options, showcasing the revitalized Sonderwunsch program's ability to create personalized dream cars.
The Bugatti Chiron Super Sport ’57 One of One’ is a homage to an icon
Bugatti unveils the ‘57 One of One’, a bespoke Chiron Super Sport inspired by the legendary Type 57 SC Atlantic.
The Porsche Panamera is entering its third model generation
Porsche revamps the Panamera: the third generation of the sporting luxury sedan is characterised by a wider range of digital features, a fresh and expressive design.
The Queen’s ride, the Bentley’s Mulsanne takes its place in history
This masterpiece, blending royal elegance with Bentley's unparalleled craftsmanship, now takes its place among the most iconic vehicles in automotive history at the company's Dream Factory in Crewe.
The Imola Roadster is Pagani’s homage to high-octane luxury
A limited edition masterpiece and the brand's most performance-driven open-top to date, the Imola Roadster is homologated for global road use and designed with cutting-edge aerodynamics.
McLaren unveils the 3-7-59 theme in a stunning tribute to motorsport glory
This artistic endeavor, revealed by McLaren Special Operations, encapsulates the triumphs of the Triple Crown in a symphony of intricate livery.
Lamborghini has unveiled a special edition of the Huracan STO
An exemplary Lamborghini Ad Personam Opera Unica celebrating 10 years of Squadra Corse with an SC63-inspired livery and an original performance kit.
Maserati unveils MC20 Notte, a fierce creature of the nocturnal world
MC20 Notte Edition celebrates the daring spirit that has always propelled the Trident forward, from the day that Maserati first competed in one of the most legendary races ever.
Bentley Zurich celebrates Centenary with a Mulliner Anniversary Collection
Celebrating a century of luxury and collaboration, Bentley Motors pays tribute to its enduring partnership with Zurich's Schmohl AG, unveiling a quartet of exquisite models.
The Pearl Cullinan marks a new era for Rolls-Royce in Dubai
Rolls-Royce Motor Cars unveils 'The Pearl Cullinan'—a unique, custom-made vehicle crafted specially to celebrate a momentous birthday on behalf of the owner's family.
Meet the new Ferrari One-Off: The Ferrari SP-8
In the exclusive realm of the One-Off series, this roadster redefines luxury and innovation, uniting decades of Maranello's legacy with the future of supercar design.

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