NFT Concierge Membership
NFT Concierge Membership

NFT Concierge MembershipGive your NFT project an added utility by incorporating our flexible, on-demand, lifestyle management and concierge services for your members

nft concierge membership services
White Label Concierge
Our white label concierge service has been designed from the ground up to cater for a variety of NFT projects. With our brand new offering for auxiliary NFT services, your members and NFT holders can seamlessly benefit from a dedicated range of exclusive concierge services around the globe.

Working in parallel with our hand-picked preferred partners, our experienced concierge assistants will use their skills and in-depth knowledge to take care of your members' lifestyle needs in a prompt, discreet and confidential manner, giving you complete peace of mind.
NFT Concierge Membership Services
Tailored Offering
Here at Royist, we understand that each NFT project is unique with a diverse range of NFT holders in terms of their demographics and socio-economic attributes. With our bespoke NFT Membership solutions, you can tailor our comprehensive concierge services to your specific needs such as a curated monthly newsletter for your NFT holders, elite travel experiences and arranging extravagant events in different cities each month.

With our unparalleled insider knowledge in the hospitality industry, we curate the finest things that life has to offer, from accessing the most sought-after international events to presenting the newest luxury resort openings across the globe.
nft concierge membership services
NFT Consulting Services
We offer a wide range of NFT consulting services, from developing and implementing an effective strategy to taking care of the finest details so you can focus on building your product. With years of experience in the industry, our NFT project specialists can provide you with the insights and support you need to succeed in your project.

Our services include digital strategy, decentralized autonomous organizations, eco-system building, web 3.0 and metaverse development for your NFT project. Whilst delivering our consulting services, particular emphasis is given to the user experience and customer journey, as well as, streamlining your product for mass-market adoption.

Your Community, Your RulesExplore a sample of our lifestyle management services and concierge offering, tailored to NFT projects and crypto communities

NFT Concierge Membership Services
Travel Network
Starting from the belief that travel holds limitless possibilities, we carefully examine each of your members' travel preferences. With a leading global network of advisors specializing in luxury travel and partnerships with over 1,500 of the world’s best companies such as hotels, cruise lines and tour operators, our specialists use their personal connections and firsthand expertise to craft bespoke trips, including unique experiences, complimentary perks, VIP treatment and rare access to exclusive resorts.

Our luxury travel specialists possess a pristine record and industry contacts to orchestrate unforgettable and highly exclusive travel experiences which cannot be found anywhere else.

NFT Events, Tickets & Hospitality
Exclusive Happenings
Your community members can enjoy unrestricted access to the finest international events and obtain last minute tickets to sold-out happenings with lightning fast speeds. We pride ourselves in delivering an enviable service that is simply unmatched, by utilising our esteemed little black book of hospitality industry contacts, as well as, connections developed over decades of hard work.

From accessing the best hospitality private boxes at world-class sports events to securing exclusive packages at renowned A-list and invitation only parties, our passion to exceed your NFT community members' expectations is never-ending.

NFT Events, Luxury Concierge
Event Management
We have partnered with the most sophisticated event planners across the globe, specialising in crafting both virtual and real life high-end events for the world's most prominent individuals and reputable companies.

We pride ourselves in providing a holistic service with unforgettable and immersive event experiences for your NFT community members across the four corners of the world.

Together with our esteemed partners we provide virtual event solutions, event production services, product launches, brand activations, venue finding services, award ceremonies/gala dinners, speaker management services and much more.

nft concierge on-demand sourcing
Luxury Goods & Asset Sourcing
On-market and off-market, we connect private buyers and sellers with NFT and real life asset specialists who are internationally-recognized experts in their respective fields. Your community members can benefit from a wide range of brokerage facilities such as bespoke asset sourcing enquiries, finance, tax, legal and other auxiliary services through our preferred specialists network.

With decades of combined experience our preferred partners offer impartial and sound advice on virtual, luxury goods and asset transactions, whilst providing peace of mind to your community's private members and investors.

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A.We offer a bespoke pricing plan based on the range of concierge services that you require for your members and usage allowance. For more information on our pricing plans and how we can tailor these to your exact requirements, kindly feel free to e-mail us and arrange an introductory call with our sales team.